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I've only just discovered this community but I've liked Desmond since I saw him in 'The Hole' which is a very cool although slightly disturbing movie =)I love the 'Wrong Turn' commentary, he is so funny! =D
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I agree, I feel inlove with Des from the commentary on wrong Turn, he is so funny and awesome. And he is beautiful also.
*Drool* Des is awesome, and a gorgeous guy! My favorite actor and A total babe! I so fell for him as Jack Ferriman!

He can have my soul anyday!
Meh hehehehehe.



October 13 2005, 22:03:09 UTC 12 years ago

I love him he's so cute and irrestible, when he's all innocent (don't you just love his teeth especially) *wonderfullycharming smile*. And when he plays a psycho/ evil person he is sooooo sexy. He has so much carisma. and he is so funny!!!!!!
I love THE HOLE.I was really creepy in some places.